behind every cloud there is a silver lining

behind every cloud
there is a silver lining
a wonderfull thing
I say it loud

no silver lining
without a cloud
no doubt
this is it from the beginning

in the new Paradise
it is better
and that does metter
thanks to Jezus secrefice


above and below
thats what I know

snow is dangerous
exspessely for us
we will take the bike of the bus

we will take the train
exspesely when there is too murch rain
it cost us pain

we go not fast with the train
I say it again
snow  cost us pain

when will the winter be over
from here to dover
I am noy a rover

snow in december

snow in december
a time to remember
from the emforcment you are a member

is there a excident
you are my friend
till the end

in july of may
your worries are away
that’s what i say

you are working hard
having on dishonesty no part
working with all your heart


at home
you are not alone
your heart is not a stone
there is a phone
call people who are also alone
not always in the same zone


by train
try it again
are you the same ?
are you in terrible pain ?
are you still in the rain ?


is kind
with a mind
you can easely find
don’t look for truble behind


do spot
it still hot
see you a lot ?
did he create the sun ?
and not only just for fun


lives forever
is that clever ?
he has no begin
did he makes war win ?
he did not made people sin


more meat
kill your seat
you haven’t been beat
can you stand the heat ?
are you again in terrible need ?
is it you testament that you read ?